A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Daily Prompt: You have to write a message to someone dear to you, telling that person how much he/she means to you. However – instead of words, you can only use 5-10 objects to convey your emotions. Which objects do you choose, and what do they mean?

The Language of Things

For me deciding who I wanted to send this message to was a very difficult, but I eventually decided that I wanted to send this message to someone who I haven’t talked to for a long period of time. I met this person and middle school and became very good friends with him. We would hang out every day and always knew what was going on with the other. In high school we dated for a short period of time, but it didn’t end well and we began to drift apart. Since I entered college we have spoken very little and I have regretted letting him slip away since. So with that background information, hopefully my message will make more sense.

White Karate Belt
(When we first met we were both just lonely kids entering middle school and friendship came easy. We found our first and our best friends in each other.)

Xbox Controller
(After school was always the best part of the day. We would hang out at one of our houses sometimes doing homework and other times simply goofing off.)

(I was so lucky to be your friend. Even after we started drifting apart I knew that you were always there for me.)

(I wish that we’d had another chance. That things could have ended differently and that we could have stayed friends even though dating hadn’t worked.)

(I miss you and I wish I had the courage to try to rebuild that friendship.)

So I really suppose I should leave some wise suggestions for those of you who are going through the same thing, but I don’t really have any. All I can say is hold on to the people close to you.

Thanks for reading.


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