No Song Left Unsung

Daily Prompt: We all have our semi-secret, less-known personal favorites – a great B-side, an early work by an artist that later became famous, an obscure (but delicious) family recipe. Share one of your unsung heroes with us – how did you discover it? Why has it stayed off everyone’s radar?

Unsung Heroes

When I read this prompt my first thought was of one of my favorite artists, Regina Spektor, an unusual name for an unusual singer. I was introduced to her by my older sister who had bought her album Far and had it playing during a long car ride. The first track I heard was “Blue Lips” a song about humanity and about life and death. Her lyrics are like poetry and the meaning behind each song an intriguing mix of “I have no idea what she’s singing about and I understand perfectly.” I couldn’t help, but want to listen to each song over and over again slowly unwrapping them to discover the message behind her words. One of my favorite lyrics of her’s is from her song “All the Row Boats” “God, I pity the violins//In glass coffins they keep coughing//They’ve forgotten, forgotten how to sing, how to sing”

I don’t quite understand why Regina Spektor is not better known though I think it might have something to do with her lyrics and her unique voice not appealing to everyone. Despite her anonymity I personally would recommend her to anyone that is looking for good music.

I know I’m posting this late, but I saw the prompt yesterday and I wanted to write it, but I didn’t get around to it so I decided to post it today.


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