Summer Stress

So I know I haven’t been very active here lately, but today I just really needed to get something off my chest so please bear with me.

I am currently a 22 year old student in college. During the school year I tend to stay in the dorms as its both cheaper and more convenient for me so each summer I need to find a place to stay. For the first two years I merely moved back home and called it good, however, last year I had a friend that needed a roommate for the summer so I happily agreed to stay in town and sublet the apartment. To make things short that summer did not end well. (I ended up sleeping on the couch of the apartment I was paying half of the bill for for about two weeks.)

This year I was hoping for a little better experience. My dorm roommate, who I’m very good friends with, and I decided about half way through the school year that we wanted to rent an apartment together during the summer. So we started looking for an apartment in about February. Apparently our town was not too keen on renting an apartment for anything less than a year lease, which didn’t work for either of us, so we began talking to other people that we knew wanted an apartment for the fall.

We found a friend that was planning on renting an apartment beginning in the fall with one other person and we reached an agreement where my roommate and I would sublease during the summer and would move out as soon as the dorms opened. Weeks passed and we finally found an apartment to rent so we went in to pick up the contracts and to answer a couple questions. I soon found out that without my knowledge the plan had changed, though I admit my ignorance might have been due to my own misinterpretation of several conversations. Instead it seemed that there were to be five to six people living in this three bedroom apartment (myself, my roommate, our friend, and at least two other people I didn’t know) something that while I was not exactly excited about I was willing to deal with. The real trouble came when during the interview and contract signing it became apparent that we were only telling the apartment about three people living there (which I was unhappy to note did not include either myself or my roommate). Discovering this I refused to room with them.

So my roommate and I began our search for an apartment for the summer again. When, by last week we still had not found an apartment, I decided to check with my parents to determine, just in case I was unable to find a place to stay, if I could move back home. Another surprise came, my parents who had been trying to sell their house for over a year had finally received an offer and were planning on moving out to their own apartment at the end of April. Though I was very excited for my parents good luck I was also very anxious.

We continued our search for an apartment until today I was informed by my roommate that one of the three we had been planning on renting an apartment with was no longer planning on staying the summer and that my roommate had been offered the third bedroom in the apartment. I hadn’t informed them that I didn’t actually have a place if we couldn’t find an apartment so my roommate of course agreed.

So now, two weeks from when I will need to be out of the dorms, I am desperately searching for an apartment in my hometown that my older sibling and I can rent. I’m not feeling very optimistic.

I hate renting apartments.


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